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Adults: I provide services for individuals going through various life struggles and/or feelings, such as: anxiety, depression, life changes or challenges, relationship issues, problems at work, first time mom, changes in career, finding a balance, life transitions, achieving goals, finding motivation

New Mommies: I understand how difficult the transition can be after having your first child. There is a great deal of pressure to be the "perfect" mom, especially when dealing with breastfeeding, sleeping habits, and taking care of your needs and your partner's. Talking to someone can help you adjust faster while developing a good balance with being a new mom and still taking care of yourself 

Immigration: I work with Immigration Attorneys in a confidential manner to assist with clients applying for citizenship if their symptoms and relationship status are legitimate


Psychological Evaluations and Clinical Assessments: These can be provided with client consent after a certain number of sessions to determine legitimacy of symptoms and emotional barriers









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